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12 RVA Zetas recognized in Centennial Zeta 100 Collective

The Zeta 100 is a unique collective of Sorors, spanning every profession, chosen for their career accomplishments, leadership, and dedication to their fields. This initiative promotes networking opportunities and highlights the excellence of our Sorors, while inspiring and empowering the next generation of Zeta leaders. Congratulations to twelve members of Alpha Phi Zeta Chapter on being recognized for their achievements through this initiative: Alisha Johnson, Emma Newberg, Gwen James, Jacqueline Coley, Tiffany D. Coleman, Janie Morning Ricks, Marie C.B. Cornwall, Shelia Jones Williams, Scholar L. Cardwell, Norma N. Lee, Nancy Watkins Flanagan, and Melanie Lee. You go, Sorors!

View the full Zeta 100 list and learn about some of our amazing Sorors across the globe.

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