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Wine meets Chocolate Feb 11

Join us for a Wine meets Chocolate virtual social event on February 11 at 6:00 p.m. This bubbly event will feature Gwen Hurt, founder Shoe Crazy Wine, and Sommelier Benita Johnson, owner of Vine Wine Club.

Register for the event here. Upon registration, you will receive Zoom event access, and information on how to order your chocolate/wine packages (including promotional code).

Wine/chocolate package options:

Package A - $45

1 Bottle White - Exclusive White

1 Bottle - Sparkling Strawberry Rose

White Chocolates

Package B - $45

1 Bottle -Sparkling Brut

1 Bottle Red- Sweet Bella

Assorted Chocolates

Package C - $25

1 Single Serve Sparkling Brut

1 Single Serve Sparkling Peach Mango

White and Dark Chocolates

Package D - $35

1 Naked Pink Rose Sangria

1 Naked Strawberry Passion Sangria

White Chocolates

Also available at special discount when you register - Amour Geneve, the world's first naturally blue wine.


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